Absolute chronological dating

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Next, we break apart the bars and align them so that all of the same colored bars are positioned vertically next to the others.Horizontally, the bars still represent the percentages of musical recording types in each of the junkyards.The same is true for 45s, and 8-tracks, and cassette tapes, and LPs, and CDs, and DVDs, and mp3 players (and really, any kind of artifact).For this seriation demonstration, we're going to assume that we know of six junkyards (Junkyards A-F), scattered in the rural areas around our community, all dated to the 20th century.Archaeologists call this kind of behavior "curation" -- people then, just like today, like to hang on to old things.But you would never have any 78s in junkyards closed before they were invented.It isn't possible to investigate all of a junkyard, so we'll pick a representative sample of the deposit.

You might find a small number of 78s for a long period after they were pretty much done.Seriation, also called artifact sequencing, is an early scientific method of relative dating, invented (most likely) by the Egyptologist Sir William Flinders Petrie in the late 19th century.Petrie's problem was that he had discovered several predynastic cemeteries along the Nile River in Egypt that seemed to be from the same period, but he needed a way to put them in chronological order.Larger percentages of artifact types are illustrated with longer bar snippets and smaller percentages with shorter bar snippets.A good source of information about how to make charts in Excel is Ted French's Excel Chart Tutorial (for several different versions of Excel).

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The figure on this page is a Microsoft Excel (TM) table showing the results of our frequency count.

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