Accuracy of ancient dating methods scout hong kong dating

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Accuracy of ancient dating methods

Another Egyptologist led me to the "tool room" to educate me in the methods of the ancient masons by showing me a few cases that housed primitive copper tools.

I asked my host about the cutting of granite, for this was the focus of my article.

Undoubtedly, some of the artifacts that Petrie was studying were produced using lathes.

The Cairo Museum contains enough evidence that will prove that the ancient Egyptians used highly sophisticated manufacturing methods once its properly analyzed.

Having spent most of my career working with the machinery that actually creates modern artifacts, such as jet-engine components, I am able to analyze and determine how an artifact was created.

I have also had training and experience in some non-conventional manufacturing methods, such as laser processing and electrical discharge machining.

After standing in awe before these engineering marvels, and then being shown a paltry collection of copper implements in the tool case at the Cairo Museum, one comes away bemused and frustrated.

British Egyptologist, Sir , recognized that these tools were insufficient.

After learning some of the Egyptian customs, I got the impression that this was not the first time that my Egyptologist friend had made that trip to the travel agent.The quarry marks I saw there did not satisfy me that the methods described were the only means by which the pyramid builders quarried their rock.There is a large round hole drilled into the bedrock hillside, that measures approximately 12 inches in diameter and 3 feet deep that is located in the channel, which runs the length of the estimated 3,000 ton obelisk.He explained that the ancient Egyptians cut a slot in the granite, inserted wooden wedges, and then soaked them with water.The wood swelled creating pressure that split the rock.

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He explored this anomaly thoroughly in "Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh," and expressed amazement about the methods the ancient Egyptians used to cut hard igneous rocks.