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Ado net updating

Open str Cnn ' Open recordset with data from Employee table. Close End Sub The following example demonstrates using the method: Public Sub Update X2() Dim cnn1 As ADODB. Recordset Dim str Emp ID As String Dim str Old First As String Dim str Old Last As String Dim str Message As String ' Open a connection. Connection str Cnn = "driver=;server=srv;" & _ "uid=sa;pwd=;database=pubs" cnn1. I then have my data flow going into a foreach loop container where the enumerator is Foreach ADO and my source variable is mapped to the same as the recordset. Do I have to setup the connection again in the Execute SQL Task? For one thing, updating the records one at a time via the For Each Loop container is a seriously bad way to approach an update of any sizable number of records.Pretty mush as described here: my Foreach container I have an execute sql command(not email) that is like the one below. Also, why not just use an Execute SQL Task to handle the entire process?If the number and order of fields and values do not match, an error occurs. str Message = "Edit in progress:" & vb Cr & _ " Original data = " & str Old First & " " & _ str Old Last & vb Cr & " Data in buffer = " & _ rst Employees! lname & vb Cr & vb Cr & _ "Use Update to replace the original data with " & _ "the buffered data in the Recordset? If the object supports batch updating, then you can cache multiple changes to one or more records locally until you call the ADO Recordset Object Update Batch Method. " If Msg Box(str Message, vb Yes No) = vb Yes Then rst Employees. You could use SSIS to move the data into the remote machine first into a temp DB table there.

Fortunately Sql Data Adapter allows you to execute updates in batches. number of rows to be treated as a single batch via Update Batch Size property.What would be a better way to approach the problem? an EXECUTE SQL TASK could pretty much take care of the whole shootin' match, so to speak, assuming that the data exists and remains in the same server.Create and populate a temp table in the Data Flow and then use the execute sql task to do the update? I'm just looking at this from the perspective of what happens a few years down the road, when perhaps there are quite a few more records than exist today, or when a window in which this takes place has to shrink significantly.Efficiency today means less work down the road, and that's usually the best thing for any business.Without a lot of specific details about the WHERE for this data in terms of same server vs.

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If you are editing the current record or adding a new record when you call the to save the changes.

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