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In fact, we are more likely to date partners whose hair color and eye color match our own (Little et al., 2003).

Alternately, they suggest that our attraction to those who resemble us may be indicative of self-love.Most of the practitioners in attendance — representing national organizations, schools and victim service community-based agencies — said that they primarily see female victims, and when they discuss teen dating violence with students, they hear that boys are the primary perpetrators. Because teen dating violence has only recently been recognized as a significant public health problem, the complex nature of this phenomenon is not fully understood.Although research on rates of perpetration and victimization exists, research that examines the problem from a longitudinal perspective and considers the dynamics of teen romantic relationships is lacking.The authors’ findings regarding women, however, were surprising: Although lesbians thought they were more aroused by the film with two women, and heterosexual women thought they were more aroused by the film involving one man and one woman, both lesbian and heterosexual women were aroused by all three films, regardless of the gender of the actors.Researchers believe that women’s sexuality is more fluid or flexible than men’s.

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