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Historically, the first branch recognized was the shallow branch, at diameters above about 1-2 km, recognized from craters counted on telescopic photos of the moon.(See historical review by Hartmann, 2004, submitted to Icarus).As discussed by Hartmann (1966) the crater numbers can date the actual formation age of a surface in an ideal case, such as a broad lava flow which forms a one-time eruptive event.The flow accumulates craters and the crater numbers date the time of formation.The b value also equals the slope on our plot or on a cumulative plot.

In this sense, the derived age is a size-dependent Acrater retention [email protected] B the survival time of craters of given size.It is not quite a formation age in the sense of the lava flow age, but conveys tremendous information about the erosion/deposition/resurfacing environment of Mars.Another example is exhumation, which is common on Mars (Malin and Edgett 2000, 2001).The diagram we use to plot craters combines ease of use, maximum sensitivity to possible crater losses at particular sizes, and mathematical convenience (since, by mathematical coincidence, it has the same slope as a plot of cumulative number of craters vs. This diagram divides the D range into log intervals with base /2. Figure 1 gives a schematic representation of the shape of a well-preserved, or A production, size distribution on this type of plot.For example, bin divisions include 500 m, 707 m, 1 km, 1.4 km, 2 km, 2.8 km, and so on. In the text below, we will refer to three A branches of this size distribution.

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