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), this change to the plot just made the whole story not make sense, ie, why would everyone be so terrified of a scolding?

Also I don't think my children would have been particularly traumatised by the original.

More ludicrous however were the plot changes, eg, when Dame Snap (who I always knew as Dame Slap) simply scolded rather than spanked the children.

While I am not a huge fan of corporal punishment (in real life!

There was much publicity over the demise of 'The Three Gollies' (the title of the last Dean version to be published), but there was barely a whisper over the disappearance of the Circus books.

Quite simply circuses with animals are no longer PC, and as all Enid's circus books have stories that revolve strongly around animals, it would have been an impossible task to attempt to write them out of the books, so the easiest option was to just not publish them.

Even if it may be possible under stable environments, retry of parameter adjustments by a human operator is required each time the number of TSS terminals connected to the computer changes or real , that is, increasing the areas of the profiles 330, 340 and 350 (hatched areas) for the respective resources as much as possible.

Well - here's hoping that the publishers get some sense and reprint them.

'Come to the Circus' in particular was an excellent book and it is sad that it is no longer available. I guess I would rather have an updated edition to read, instead of them completely disappearing.

At least, when I get to read a new version, I get to know what the story used to be like.

the quantities and the characteristics such as job mix vary with time) and it is uncertain whether and to what degree the above two objects are achieved by changing there adjustable parameters.

Accordingly, it is very difficult to optimize these parameters.

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