Amanda palmer and brian dating

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Amanda palmer and brian dating

In the meantime, any mortal attempt to adequately capture Palmers mercurial essence and limitless imagination (and why she means so much to so many devoted fans around the world), would require an awful lot of hyphens.

I dont really belong to any genre, and people have always had a tough time with that, Palmer says with a verbal shrug. As Palmer herself put it when talking about her early Eight Foot Bride persona, her endeavors are about changing the environment around you and transforming the mundane of the everyday into something surprising and artistic.

"I spent lots of time drawing flyers for events that never existed," Palmer says.

I would plan everything late at night in my room, conjuring up the most incredible, magical event on the planet, imagining everyone in the town would come and eat the candy, ride the bizarre rides that my friends and I would create, and buy the art that I would draw, so that I would never need to rely on my parents for an allowance again.

Her band, the enigmatic Dresden Dolls which she founded with drummer Brian Viglione in Boston a decade ago, remain an ongoing concern.

Although currently on hiatus, the Dolls have hinted at playing select dates after rejoining briefly for a benefit gig in Washington DC in celebration of President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Growing up in bucolic Lexington, Massachusetts, little Amanda spent her Saturdays dreaming up imaginary street fairs, great kaleidoscopes bursting with color and sound and people swirling around her.Palmer keeps in close contact with them through her blog, which she updates with a prolificacy that borders on fanatical dedication.Its a kinship that goes to the core of Palmers appeal.Case in point: the recent uproar surrounding her appearance in the video for her song Leeds United.When news broke that Palmers record label objected to the state of her stomach, fans responded by flooding her blog and her label with photos of their own tummies as a show of support.

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Its never just about me being on stage and in the spotlight. In that spirit, Palmer recently teamed up with mentor Steven Bogart to run an original workshop at her alma mater, Lexington High School.

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