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Ames and jackie dating

And where are you now -- would you be interested in being the next Bachelor?

Ames Brown: I think when I met Jackie, I pretty much forgot about everything that I was thinking because she was so beautiful and charming, and so I can't even remember what my plan was going into , it hasn't been discussed or anything, so at this point, I don't really know.

Reality TV World: Jackie, you had the season's first one-on-one date with Jake.

You seemed very skeptical of what Jake had to say in the beginning but warmed up to him by the end of the date, but then you seemed to be against him again by the time last night's egg challenge came along.

Jackie, you were also on with Melissa, so maybe this is best answered by you, but have viewers been seeing an accurate depiction of Melissa or is it just the editing? She acts on how she feels and she's very honest and upfront about her emotions, which is hard to be on a show like this, I think.

But it was definitely the best thing I did at and certainly the most rewarding, and I wouldn't change it for anything.I know it was unfortunate the first season of with [Raichel Goodyear] and I know that she regrets that.And also her time with Blake, I think that was kind of out of her control.Do you think it would have been a certainty Vienna would go home had Jake not given her the rose?Gia Allemand: Jake's whole plan of going on that show was to do something good and to be a bigger and better person. " Because at that point, not one person in that house liked Jake or gave him a chance, because Vienna had rallied people up for weeks before this game -- before the show -- and got everyone to think Jake was this monster.

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In the beginning, I do admit I was skeptical because Vienna spoke -- she made a very strong case against him -- and as another woman, I tend to believe what a woman says about her man. Reality TV World: Ames, what was going through your mind when you decided to chase after the limo and hop in with Jackie.