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Ante quem dating

At the same point he allowed the rebuilding of the church at Haithabu, which we hear had been torn down by the local count; and even that this might be fitted with a bell – as it says – to the chagrin of the heathens who considered it “abominable”.[2] All this took place at least a hundred years before the official recognition of Denmark as a Christian Realm at Jelling.In the 1970s, however, remains from the 8th century and north of the river were excavated.Later excavations have continued to fill out this history yielding multiple evidence of Ribe as an important Viking emporium from the beginning of the 8th century.The date at which it was composed is a firm terminus ante quem for the entry of the Vedic Aryans into India.They may have come from abroad or they may have been fully native, but by the time of the Rg-Veda, they were certainly Indians without memory of a foreign homeland.

In another village called Ripa, situated within his kingdom, he likewise gave a site for the erection of a church and granted permission for a priest to reside there.[1] Sometime around 850 Ansgar, Apostle to the North and missionary Bishop in Hamburg got access to the Danish king, Haarik II.The most explicit chronology would be provided by astronomical markers of time.When our venerable priest [Ansgar] came into the presence of the king, having as his helper the most noble Burghard, who had formerly assisted the elder Horic in all matters and had great influence with both kings, because he was their relation, the king showed his pleasure in receiving him [Ansgar] by permitting him immediately to do everything connected with the Christian religion, which his predecessor had formerly allowed being done.In a rather shoddy way, Friedrich Max Müller launched the hypothesis that the Rg-Veda had to be dated to about 1200 BC, and eventhough he later retracted it, that arbitrary guess has become the orthodoxy.It is forgotten too often that in his own day, other scholars rejected this extremely late date on a variety of grounds.

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The determination of the age in which Vedic literature started and flourished has its consequences for the Aryan Invasion question.

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