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Asset from liquidating partnerships

In general, the liabilities of old target are measured as of the beginning of the day after the acquisition date.

(But see § 1.338-1(d) (regarding certain transactions on the acquisition date).) In order to be taken into account in ADSP, a liability must be a liability of target that is properly taken into account in amount realized under general principles of tax law that would apply if old target had sold its assets to an unrelated person for consideration that included the discharge of its liabilities. Such liabilities may include liabilities for the tax consequences resulting from the deemed sale.

This section provides rules under section 338(a)(1) to determine the aggregate deemed sale price (ADSP) for target.

ADSP is the amount for which old target is deemed to have sold all of its assets in the deemed asset sale.

ADSP is allocated among target's assets in accordance with § 1.338-6 to determine the amount for which each asset is deemed to have been sold.

Thus, these determinations may require trial and error computations.ADSP is redetermined at such time and in such amount as an increase or decrease would be required, under general principles of tax law, for the elements of ADSP.For example, ADSP is redetermined because of an increase or decrease in the amount realized for recently purchased stock or because liabilities not originally taken into account in determining ADSP are subsequently taken into account.P acquires all of the stock of T in Year 3 for 0,000 and makes a section 338 election for T.Assume T has no liabilities other than its purchase money indebtedness to X.

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ADSP is determined as follows (for purposes of this section (g), G is the grossed-up amount realized on the sale to P of P's recently purchased T stock, L is T's liabilities other than T's tax liability for the deemed sale tax consequences, T Because ADSP for T ($87,672.72) does not exceed the fair market value of T's asset ($100,000), a Class V asset, T's entire ADSP is allocated to that asset.

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