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Presently we serve regional Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory via our own dedicated backhaul to 14 POIs, with the rest of Australia currently being served through a resale agreement with Optus.

Regards Ddub Big congratulations to the Phil and the ABB team. You guys are pretty much what Internode used to be before they were bought out by TPG! On a personal note, December 2016 marks 20 years in the ISP and Telco industry for me, and I’ve been an active member of the Whirlpool community since 2002.

Instead of whinging about the 121 POIs like other former ISP owners, ABB just got down to business, accepted it and got it done (instead of putting hands in the air going 'too hard'). After starting a dialup ISP with 8 lines and a 64 Kbit transit link to the net, I find it amazing to see where our industry is today, and l feel the best part is just about to come.

Looking forward to having you all on the journey with us!

Looking forward to having you all on the journey with us! Your own network combined with quality customer service makes Aussie a winning combination IMHO. The market was starting to look limited with recent consolidation. Basically yes trouble shooting is easier, more control over the installation stage which is the most problematic part of nbn.

Warm Regards, Phil Britt Managing Director, Aussie Broadband Pty Ltd *Starts slow clapping* Awesome news Phil. Thanks for all of your hard work and the hard work of your team at ABB. Keep up the good work – you will be picking up many disillusioned ii Net/Internode/Westnet customers I have no doubt. We go NBN RFS in 2-3 months so definitely on my short list. Any interest in servicing South Brisbane FTTP given your Telstra relationship? In laymans terms, For the everyday user what does this signing mean? Speeds will be more consistent as we will have total control of the network.

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Once we are active in a POI, we will migrate our existing off net customers across.