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Book about dating athletes

S., where it was known as the Atkins diet, which purportedly let people lose weight while eating bacon, steaks, and cheese.The American Medical Association attacked the idea vehemently, and after Dr.Noakes’s publications have been cited more than 15,000 times, an astonishing degree of influence.“So often he’s been the one behind new ideas, where we’ve had to shift our thinking and adjust to new insights,” says Louise Burke, head of nutrition for the Australian Institute of Sport.“I think he’s single-handedly shifting South Africans in their beliefs,” says journalist Gary Taubes, author of and a leading proponent of the diet Noakes pushes.

Beans are looked at askance, but dairy is OK—full-fat only.Robert Atkins died in a fall in 2003, the fat-eating fad started to fade away.That is, until Noakes came along and revived it, crediting Atkins and Banting with reversing his diabetes and stripping 50 pounds from his physique.And then there’s the Tim Noakes who spawned a controversial low-carb diet craze and became a bestselling author and nutrition guru, losing nearly 50 pounds and claiming to have tamed his own type 2 diabetes in the bargain.This Noakes is a hero to many devoted followers who thank him daily for helping change their lives.

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Already the controversy had devolved into hair-trigger social-media fights and headline wars in South Africa’s leading dailies, casting Noakes as martyr or villain.