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Look how far we’ve come since then, and think about how much further DNA research will have progressed 30 years from now,” she said on one of her few days above ground during her field work.

After remediation of the cave is finished on Saturday (restoring the cave to the way they found it and marking their progress for future researchers) Meachen and her team will return to the lab and begin analyzing the specimens and data.

Climbing and rapelling training is a physical and mental challenge — one that follows strict safety standards.

The training and certification took place above ground in the blistering heat.

Creatures, going about their normal day-to-day business, fall through the hole and either die on impact at the bottom of the 85-foot drop or survive the fall and starve to death in the void.

But on this day, he and the team found an intact jaw of a bison.

Although only a few thousand years old, the size of the find has that fun factor that draws attention to research.

The work will take at least a couple years to finish.

Meachen teaches gross anatomy at Des Moines University in Iowa and her partner, John Logsdon, is a biology professor at the University of Iowa.