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Cheep granny chat off a mobile

I also compared the cost of each of these cleaning solutions.Conclusion: If you switch from Bounty Full Sheets to Great Value Everyday Strong you would save 50% on paper towels.I also included the cost to use various cleaning rags, towels and cloths for the same spills.

Not only did she use them exclusively, but she would think nothing of yanking off three or four of them at a time to use for just a small job. I remember watching her once and thinking that, some day when I am rich, one of the luxuries I was going to allow myself was to use nothing but paper towels and lots of them.

One thing that leads to spending too much money on paper towels is leaving them out where a family can easily reach them.

Often minor spills, like water, juice, soda or Kool Aid spilled on a countertop doesn’t really require paper towels to clean up, but if the roll is on the counter or underneath the cabinets, husbands and kids especially will simply yank a big wad of them off the roll rather than using a rag, simply because they’re within view.

If you look at the cost of using towels, rags and cleaning cloths, you could also save a lot of money if you used those items at least some of the time instead of using paper towels.

If you’d like to see some of my tests, here is our show where I’m demonstrating how well each one cleans up spills.

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Here is how I determined which paper towels were cheapest: I counted the cost of a roll of paper towels.

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