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So here’s some answers to common questions likely to crop up when you’re searching for “the one”.. We rule people out online before we’ve even met them or we check to see if anyone new has liked our profile on the way home from a date.At this hectic pace, how do we decide whether to see someone again after a first encounter or move on to the next?Take a look at posts like “Godly Single Women Who are Into Jesus Christ” and “Being Equally Yoked in a Christian Relationship.” Social Clout: 9,807 followers, 2,127 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Enduring lessons and lasting hope Between first-person narratives and current events, to entertainment and sexuality, Christianity Today’s female-geared blog is fun, serious and always honest.By relating dating to Bible scriptures, the site encourages readers to submit material that covers the gamut, including church life, parenting, discipleship and life ethics.’ Years ago, at the very beginning of my quest for sensible input on dating, I read a book on how to get a guy.

The "date for potential friendship" approach doesn't guarantee you pain-free, mistake-proof dating, but it's far better than approaching every first date as the beginning of an unending chain of events that leads to "You may no kiss the bride.".The reasoning behind it: men love a good challenge and the more you distance yourself from them the harder they will work to catch you.Needless to say, I was still single long after reading that book.While that seems pretty overwhelming, Boundless does it in a way that gives readers solutions they need for their problems through interesting podcasts and blog posts.Social Clout: 27,274 likes, 6,724 followers URL: Bragging Rights: The intersection of faith and life A fusion of sentimental stories, reader questions and a “He Said-She Said” column, appeals to most anyone — no matter what point they’re at in dating.

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