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Amongst the trappings of the seventies hospitality industry are ’s Hal and Alex (Damien Molony and Kate Bracken), who are chatting happily to a group of us about the show’s fifth series, Phil Davis' new villain, topless scenes, Kia-Ora and the best way to clean a maggot…so special I think is that yes, these are extraordinary situations, but at the heart of it are these fantastic characters who love each other and need each other and who are trying to exist in a world that they don’t necessarily feel that they belong to, but they absolutely want to do good. It was nice to be able to start where we left off and not a sequence further down the line so we could get back into the story as such, but that first week was kind of like, can I remember how to do this?He’s kind of overseeing this whole thing, he’s orchestrating it like a conductor and it’s so gentle.

She’s not the type of girl to let things go easily, she’s no nonsense. So I think the relationship there between the two is already very different and so the way that plays out is also going to be completely different as well. DM: [laughs] There is someone in there washing them with cotton buds.In the last series there was this kind of big impending doom of ‘The old ones are coming, the old ones are coming’, what I like about this series is the enemy, or the big bad is so much more subtle, and so much more under their noses from the very start so that’s obviously where the hotel comes in quite a bit.What’s it been like to work with Phil Davis as the villainous Captain Hatch? I find myself watching him and then I’m like, ‘Oh shit, I’ve got to say something’.Honolulu Heights’ last ghost, Annie, was the mother figure of the house. KB: I would say Alex brings a sense of normality to the house because these guys have been wrapped up in this supernatural world for a long time and because she’s fresh to this world, she can be a bit of a voice of reason at times.I think she sees Tom as like a brother to her, because obviously she’s not able to see her brothers and be with her brothers any more so all those feelings are placed onto Tom. Alex’s family don’t know she’s dead at the end of the last series; do they come into season five at all? DM: We had a great little kid playing your brother.

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We get some little scenes with him pulling strings with myself and Tom individually where he becomes more powerful and where he’s like, ‘why are you wasting your time with idiots like Tom?