Dating a person with adhd

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Dating a person with adhd

They lived in a different county, which meant a lot of travel time when it was our turn to have the kids. For a person with ADHD who needs structure and organization in order to function, this setup was impossible to maintain. Living with my ADHD and being married to someone with ADHD meant that there was always a mess to clean up.He did laundry obsessively, but never folded it, leaving a trail of clothing all around the house.After all, we were both fighting some of the same battles, right? For me, two adults struggling with ADHD meant flaring tempers, impatience, and messiness.

I once made the mistake of telling a man on our first date about my life up to that point. Nobody wants to hear about an abusive husband, a lifetime with a disorder you never knew you had, the medications you’re on, and how you have a difficult time keeping it all together after only having met you for an hour. Impulsive behavior goes hand in hand with ADHD, and that combined with a trusting nature can be dangerous.I was able to get out and rescue a bit of my sanity, but the healing process is a long, hard journey.Sometimes ADHD symptoms can make you feel difficult to love, and you never feel more difficult to love than when you’re walking away from a person who swore to love you forever — for better or worse.In my marriage, there were so many fights over things like household chores (why wouldn’t I just do the dishes? To make things even more complicated, my ex also had ADHD.Now, you might think that our shared experience with symptoms might make things a bit easier.

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that can really undo you.