Dating america in kuwait

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Dating america in kuwait

The man's mother usually has the right to make the final selection of an appropriate daughter-in-law.

Kuwaiti women face their own problems: Criteria such as determining if a man is from a suitable family; if he has a suitable job; if he has been married before; bedu or hather, Shiite or Sunni, inside or outside the gate.Kuwaiti women are intelligent and likely want to find out if her mate is intellectually compatible and if it will be a suitable love match.What happens if he isn't the "right one" and a divorce ensues?The culture here wants the men to marry one of their own. Hasan, a 40 year old Kuwaiti friend, was on an elevator with his British wife and a Kuwaiti woman actually turned to him in Arabic and said, "What is wrong with Kuwaiti women? " It has been said that foreign women cost less to marry because there is no need for mahr (dowry), or expensive wedding jewelry (chabka) as tradition when marrying a Kuwaiti woman.In the US, it is the custom for the father of the bride to pay for the wedding; grooms and/or their family pay for weddings in Kuwait.

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