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Wearing a tri-corner hat and clutching a ceremonial sword, he casts a look down at the lapping waves as if pondering whether he could even order them to turn back. Zama’s regalia looks faded and droopy, his brow is sweaty, and the beach he’s on is quiet and serene.An instrument of the Spanish crown in a remote South American colony, he is less the master of all he surveys and more a useless relic propped up on a forgotten shore.The cattle industry has been an integral part of our state and local economy for many years and we are proud to play a small role in it.

Stay up-to-date with the most current registry of Florida livestock brands, and their corresponding organizations, information, and images: Florida Livestock Brands The International Livestock Identification Association helps states and provinces in the United States and Canada accurately trace livestock through close cooperation with one another.

New branding dies for existing irons, serial numbering irons, date coding irons, & date attachments for existing irons, heat blocks & heating elements. Distributor of laser marking & dot peen marking equipment.

Provide job shop services for laser marking, electro-chemical etch marking, dot peen marking, vibro etch marking & hot stamping for marking on metals, plastics, rubber & ceramics.

There are literally thousands of branding irons all over the country that have come out of our shop in Okeechobee, Florida.

Call us or come in the next time you are in need of a brand, branding pot, number sets, and/or horn burners.

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