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Dating in rural areas

The available facilities for such studies on materials include state-of-the art field emission scanning and transmission electron microscopes, dual beam FIB-FEG microscopes, X-ray diffractometers, X-Ray Micro-CT, Scanning Auger Nanoprobe, Atomic Force Microscope, Nano-triboindenter, Raman Spectrometer, Thermal Analyzers, SQUID-VSM, Hall-effect measurement, etc.

Various cells and biomolecules (DNA and proteins) are also studied for their structural analysis and interactions using high end equipment like MALDI, X-ray, ITC, FACS etc. Rahul Mitra [email protected] Centrefor Theoretical Studies(CTS) was set up in 1998 in a part of the old building of IIT Kharagpur.

For more on the CTS and its operations, Click Here. Sayan Kar [email protected] Computer and Informatics Centre at IIT Kharagpur is responsible for planning, deployment, and maintenance of the core computing and network infrastructure of the institute.

At present, a number of sponsored projects are being conducted through the AVLSI lab, which is funded by government agencies and private industries.Founded in the year 2000 with the active support of the IIT Foundation and several companies, the Advanced VLSI Design Laboratory is a state-of-the-art centre for advanced research in VLSI Design, Test and CAD.The lab has established industry standard design and verification flows.The facility has created national and international visibility through his high quality international publications (225), patents (15), books (7), book chapters (10) and technology transfers (2). Shirshendu De [email protected] Microfluidics research group is dedicated to investigating the underlying physics of micro/nano-scale transport processes.Microfluidics has been the gateway to exploring new and fascinating interfacial phenomena, stemming from the high surface-to-volume ratio of the involved systems.

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There are around 36 laboratories in the CRF complex and each laboratory is under the supervision of a designated faculty member from the Institute.