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Dating last referers

Revision Number Three: Helmets grant AC to the head independent of armor worn, and some can only be used with certain classes of armor.

Above this the armor get just nice-looking to actually use in battle for fear of damaging it and is considered ceremonial.

Revision Number Two: Unless you are total cheap bastard, or dirt-poor, there's no way in heck you will settle for the erzats model of your chosen armor.

Now aren't you glad you raided that dungeon and didn't waste all the cash in ale and whores?

Also, see LAMINAR armors.(AC 4, stats on first post) This is an earlier, cheaper version of plate mail using bronze.

What about adding limb protection to existing armor that doesn't have it? The true fashion choice for any warrior worth his blade. So I don't want any armchair historians bitching to me about this, that or the other thing. More than weapons, nothing says "you ain't in Kansas no more" like all the weird and wonderful personal protection suits that those crazy PCs and NPCs carry around. It is popular among town militias, bandit gangs, light troops and skirmishers on modern societies who cannot afford better armors. If some lunatic decides he does want a suit of "bronze plate mail" that looks like the real thing, just have it needing to be made-order, keep the same stats and double the base cost.(AC 4, stats on first post)Ring mail is made of relatively soft leather or padding armor with sewn metal rings along its surface, making it heavier and bulkier than normal leathers. I game terms, a nicer-looking suit of armor will cost at minimum twice the normal price (already doubled from the chart above, remember) and can go as much as x10. And if, like me, you only grant XP for GP once the PCs spend it, getting bitchin' looking armor will be a good way of getting rid of all that unwanted gold and return to adventure.

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This type of armor is most commonly worn by eastern warriors and will be common in cultures based on the Turks, late period Mongols, or the Japanese.

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