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The odds that it has shut off are pretty low." "You don't want to be so open-minded that your brains fall out." - Hough For recent earthquake activity simply type "earthquake" in a regular Google search box ("Saying that earthquakes will suddenly stop in an area that has had numerous large earthquakes in the past is an extraordinary claim. We simply do not have the deep understanding necessary to make a prediction like this.

"As scientists, we will play with all sorts of ideas trying to understand why earthquakes occur.

Some 500 seismology experts in Memphis heard that the 1811-12 New Madrid quakes probably weren't magnitude 7.7 or greater. Marianna, Ark., on Memphis' western horizon, and... They might be quiescent for 1,000 to 3,500 years and then, all of a sudden, trigger a magnitude 8.0." Maria Beatrice Magnani, CERI, Mar 2010 You can find videos from poorly informed people on the internet.

And the quakes have been associated with the pumping of the water back into the ground, not the producing of the gas." Affordable seismometer for your PC Tornado home shelter - search "safe room". Geological Survey, says they were more likely max 7.0. Charleston, SC is in low-lying seacoast, more prone to amplify the shaking. | Disasterville video game - quake prep PBS / NOVA: "The rocks reveal a pattern of violent Midwestern earthquakes stretching back at least 15,000 years. And if they happened many times before, then they will probably happen again." Two recently-discovered faults. Faults like this, far away from the plate boundaries, have a long repeat time.

The USGS offers videos from folks who have spent years studying quakes. The latest - Feb 20 "people in Memphis were able to use our results to avoid adopting a building code that would have cost them billions of dollars and I think that was a good use of new science" -Seth Stein "flooding from glacier melt washed away lots of topsoil, causing a springing-rebound effect" that caused the 1811-12 big ones. Calais has focused on the rebound from the weight of ancient glaciers (2005) as causing quakes. Mian Liu at Mizzou says quakes, like lightning, as in his native China, never strike twice in same place.

It says the new data lets them look back 500 million years rather than 4,500 years.

Preparing your family Bike ride the fault - plan for 2015 - 1811 was busy in these here parts. This report does not yet say whether scientists are upping the chances of a big quake.

(see Commerce lineament) The head of Missouri State Emergency Management agency discussed New Madrid Fault and safety - Mar 2014.

Myron Leslie Fuller investigated on horseback the effects of the 1811-12 quake. In 1912, his 150-page USGS bulletin number 494 PDF link, (text) (reprints) further described his findings. From page 106 of above, we note: "The writer does not wish at this time to urge a structural origin for Crowley Ridge, but simply desires to call attention to the occurrence of smaller parallel lines of uplift and depression due to relatively recent warping and to suggest that an earlier and stronger warping of the same nature and in the same direction might have produced a similar uplift along the Crowley Ridge axis.

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