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And caretakers usually have positive relationships in their lives.

But in an intimate relationships with a manipulator, an emotional caretaker’s values and beliefs about giving and caring—and their fear of the anger, hostility and rejection from the manipulator keeps them virtually hostage.

Care for yourself first and then offer your caring to others. Not needed but wanted which changed from day to day.

It got so bad that when I did stand my ground she went behind my back to make it happen anyhow.

An emotional caretaker would rather feel hurt, angry, or depressed themselves rather than have the person they care about experience any of those feelings.

This makes them highly vulnerable to being taken advantage of and mistreated in relationships with people who are highly self-oriented and selfish.

This reaction can result in physical problems such as migraines; indigestion and other intestinal problems; insomnia; neck, shoulder and back aches; and an overall sense of defeat. The most important thing to do is to value yourself and treat yourself with as much respect as you do others. Set boundaries that don’t allow others to invalidate you, put you down, or ignore what is important to you.

Note that you can combine these functions to, for example, find the lastday of next month: newdate = Last Of Month( Next Month( olddate ) ) '*************************** Code Start ******************************* 'This code was originally written by Lewis Moseley.They give in to “keep the peace” and to please the other person—all with no improvement in the relationship.Emotional caretakers are caring, concerned, generous, and reliable people.Such clients often ask me, “Why did I choose to get into a relationship with someone who is so selfish?” But a caretaker personality is magnetizing to an emotional manipulator.

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They sincerely want to please others and are generally nice people.

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