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You may find it very difficult to find someone again because of how highly cautious you have become. Being cheated on made you stronger, it made you better, and it made you open your eyes and realize what you want out of a relationship and what you don't want out of a relationship. You gave your love to someone who discarded it once before; you're not going to easily give it away again.One of the lessons you will learn is despite what the movies have told you, love is not always enough. It takes a lot more than love to make a relationship last.

How she managed to trust me, even when she found a pair of panties in our new hamper after a business trip, is beyond me.You have to go into every new relationship understanding this may not work out. Your partner's lack of monogamy has nothing to do with you and has everything to do with him or her.Getting wrapped up in jealous emotions will only burn you up from the inside out. Unfortunately, his ex-wife cheated on him, and married her lover the day after their divorce was final.I just wanted to know, in a general way, what does it take for a man to get over being cheated on by an ex-wife, particularly if it has been many years now, and he still seems to be putting up walls?

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You second-guess people because you don't want to get burned. Those who have your trust have proven they are worthy of it. Love is powerful, but with just love alone, you won't survive. After being backstabbed and left for dead, you will learn just what you are capable of. If you can come out the other end of a serious trauma and continue on with your life, you are the one has won the war.