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Dating sites for crack smokers

The majority (0.64) also distributed safer crack cocaine smoking equipment and over half of these programs (0.55) had done so for less than 5 years.Among programs that distributed pipes, 0.92 distributed the recommended heat-resistant Pyrex and/or borosilicate glass pipes.

To encourage survey participation, we modified a method by Dillman et al.

Ontario-specific sub-analyses showed a significant increase in the proportion of programs distributing pipes in Ontario from 0.15 (2008) to 0.71 (2015).

Our findings point to important efforts by Canadian NSPs to reduce harm among people who smoke crack cocaine through provision of education and equipment, but there are still limits that could be addressed.

Only 0.50 of our full sample reported that their program provides clients with containers for safer disposal of used smoking equipment.

The most common reasons for not distributing safer smoking equipment were not enough funding (0.32) and lack of client demand (0.25).

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Our study can provide guidance for future cross-jurisdiction studies to describe relationships involving harm reduction programs and provision of safer crack cocaine smoking education and equipment.

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