Dating with eyepatch woman

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Dating with eyepatch woman

The girl who has been around the block MORE than a few times!

The fear of rejection seems nothing compared to that!

I adored her, but yes, it was very distracting at times (especially when she was eating for some odd reason). She had thighs that can make a mouth water and an a$$ that could not be ignored.

I guess I would have to be in the situation to know what I would do. When there's a lack of sleep (which is common with my work/life) and/or there's been a few drinks, it'll drift. This seems to be the case with others as well.killuminautica, that was classic.

The hot girl who reeled you in with her gorgeous long blonde hair, perfectly sculpted breasts and voluptuous bum.

But there's just one problem - she's as thick as a plank of wood.

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But I'm kind of with the poster who said it would be distracting.

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