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Datingandbusiness com

My brother Jonathan (with whom I founded explore B2B) often describes our platform as a “dating site for businesses.” This is one reason why, in a recent interview conducted by my colleague Erin for her ‘Unraveling Social Business’ series, her interview with Michael Brenner came as such a pleasant surprise.

” It is not always the most flashy and shiny date you are going to marry and spend the rest of your life with. While they often make for a fun “date” – they would be disastrous as a lifelong partner.

The 11 tips below discuss how business communication relates to dating – what you can learn from the romantic world of social business.

This is the obvious takeaway from Michael Brenner’s above statement.

He said: “It may sound like I’m talking about dating, but that is another often-used analogy for social business.

Too many companies are out shopping for a spouse and jumping right to the big question of ‘will you marry me?

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This kind of misbalanced date does not work, and cannot be made to work by belittling your “opponent.” A business relationship should be a balanced partnership.

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