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Datingdirect program continues message datingdirectaffinity

I am baffled to think that in my short ownership of this laptop that HP would continue to replace the system board knowing that there is a known fault.Short timeline of repairs: June 07 - system board replacement June 08 - system board replacement Jan 08 - power buttom replacement MAY 09 - potential system board replacement I am looking for either a refund of my money or a different laptop of the same value PUT IN CLAIM FOR CONTRIBUTION BASED JOB SEEKERS ALLOWANCE. I went to Dunkin Donuts for 4 large coffee's and 4 bagels and Veggie cr. I was told they only had 2 of the bagels I wanted and no cream cheese that I wanted.The laptop has been sent off to HP 3 times to be repaired.Two of the repairs were system board replacements and a BIOS Upgrade.My late father in law passed away and I’m trying to sort his affairs out so we can arrange his funeral.I am disgusted in the so called customer services, tried to contact them on the 0870 numbers pressing different options, thinking that you’re through just to be cut off and told to phone again.

My current problem with this laptop is that it fails to switch on.TOLD WAS NOT ENTITLED BECAUSE HAD NOT PAID ENOUGH CLASS 1 NI CONTRIBUTIONS. SO WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL MY CONTRIBUTIONS FOR ABOUT 20 YEARS OF 25 YEARS WORKING SINCE LEAVING SCHOOL. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER WORKED WHO ARE HEALTHY AND CAPABLE OF WORKING WHO HAVE NEVER PAID ANY TAX OR NI WHO CLAIM EVERY WEEK OR TWO WEEKS . My bill was 16.00 so I paid and and they passed me 4 bagles and only plain cream cheese because thats all they had and then they passed me coffee in a cardboard box cause they had no carriers at all, needless to say the coffee went all over as it had no support.Will not go there again, I was very disapointed and pissed.The confimation of the transaction from RBS worldpay names paradise Living as the recipient of my money. - 447011130881 I paid for 2 laptops with a 15% discount with the payment leaving my bank on 11 November - HP say they still havent received the payment but the bank say HP definately have.On the 18th May I received an e-mail informing me that due to a high demand of stock they had si\old out but were expecting a delivery within 5 days. Mr Luke Moore Allied Irish Bank London Drummonds, 49, Charing Cross GB-Admiralty Arch. I've had no appology, no phone call and complete lack of interest from the customer service dept.

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