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Datingrev review

Times three years equals million, and if that figure is close, Mark Davis will probably have to eat most of, if not all of, that money if he were to fire Del Rio after the season.

My gut tells me that even if the Raiders stumble to a 5-11 finish, Davis will not fire Del Rio after the season.

But the schedule is brutal, and they’ll need to handle their own business plus get some help in order to get in.

So it does feel like draft season is just around the corner.

Welcome to the Week 11 edition of the Only 1 Nation mailbag, where we answer questions from Twitter about all things Oakland Raiders. He’s talented but troubled, and although I’d be okay with bringing him on board, I can understand why Mc Kenzie wouldn’t want to.

Following the 33-8 loss to the New England Patriots, #Raider Nation had plenty on their mind. The Raiders are in desperate need of help at cornerback, but your best ability is your availability.

Musgrave’s improvement year over year was drastic in all facets, from his creativity, opening up the playbook more and his situational play-calling.

That means that after this year, there are three more years left on his new deal.

Let’s say Jack is now middle-of-the-pack among his peers in terms of his salary — that would put him in the ballpark of million annually.

He wasn’t perfect, but the offense took a huge step forward under his watch, and he does deserve his fair share of credit for that.

Downing, on the other hand, has taken the dynamic offense and brought it to a screeching halt.

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