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Dcdatingcoach com

If you want to meet someone “in the wild,” putting some effort into making that introduction happen and not just hoping for a chance encounter is key.

Here are a few tips: Don’t rely on serendipity While “I dropped my groceries at Whole Foods and he helped me pick them up” is a cute story to tell people about how you met your significant other, counting on serendipity to meet someone isn’t always fruitful, warns dating coach Erika Ettin, of A Little Nudge.

Online dating app Hinge has released evidence that texting the person you’ve matched with a second time significantly increases the chances of sparking a conversation.

While double texting is stereotypically seen as a sign of being overly eager, data Hinge accumulated from analyzing 300,000 conversations suggests that your odds of a response go from one in 500 if you’ve only proffered a solo opening line, to one in three.

If you’ve already matched with them, the mutual attraction is there.” “Double texting almost always shows determination and a strong interest in the individual,” says Carmelia Ray, the Toronto-based dating coach who stars as a matchmaker on Myx TV’s “Mom vs.

Matchmaker.” There are some limitations to Hinge’s insight since the data provided was only applicable to the mobile app.

Plus, sitting right next to someone is ideal, according to Ettin.

“You can have a more intimate conversation when you’re closer, next to each other,” she said.

Go to events alone While bringing a friend along may seem like the most natural thing to do when going to a social event, dating experts warn it can do more harm than good.

You’re more likely to get out of your comfort zone and talk to people if you have to.

Use body language that’ll help The key to meeting someone is looking like you actually want to meet someone, experts note.

If you’re stuck for a pickup line, look around you If someone does catch your eye, try starting a conversation that’s relevant to the situation. Typically, people will be pretty transparent about their feelings.

“If you’re in line at the coffee shop you can turn around to someone and say: ‘I always get the same vanilla latte. “If they talk to you for a long period of time, they’re probably interested,” Ettin said.

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And if they’re in a relationship, they’ll probably bring up their significant other in conversation.

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