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His photo showed a middle-aged man, easy on the eye, with hazel eyes and tanned skin, sitting against a backdrop of the Grand Canyon.

Mrs Hardman so desperately wanted to believe in James, it made her credulous.‘I felt flattered,’ she confesses now.

I would cherish you and never let you out of my sight sweetheart.

It was soon after her 29-year marriage to a service engineer ended and she was feeling lonely and vulnerable, particularly as her mother had recently died.‘I wasn’t particularly looking for love, I simply wanted to meet interesting guys and add a bit of fun to my life. My friends and my daughters thought it was a great idea.’Then, in March 2012, Mrs Hardman read James Richards’s profile and was instantly attracted.Your picture turns me on honey.’It worked like a dream.When James told Mrs Hardman his mother had died recently, she was instantly sympathetic.You cannot admit you want this or you are single and lonely because if you do you are kind of a old fashion loser. For example in America, if a gal and a guy meet, the girls often say, ‘OK I will meet you, but lets not call it a date’.

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Let me tell you when two single people of the opposite sex meet, even for coffee, it is a date.