E harmony dating site

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E harmony dating site

You’ll find my review here and also my review of e Harmony here.

If it’s unlikely to work in the real world, then it’s unlikely to work online as well.

Unlike e Harmony there is very little in the way of automated matchmaking on

It’s up to you to search through the millions of singles on the site and try to filter out the ones that are most appealing to you.

You might be thinking that the subscription prices for both dating sites are high, but when you think about how much you can spend searching for a date in the real World, then dating online can actually save you money.

The following video from e Harmony provides some great examples: Both sites work very differently from each other when it comes to helping you to find a partner.

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Personally I always recommend taking out a 6 month membership since 1 and 3 months subscriptions are often too short to find your soul mate and 12 months is really far too long.

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