Errors encountered validating document

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Errors encountered validating document

When a document is submitted, the validation service will return either a "successful" response, or a list of errors found in the document.

It enables data to be presented in a manner dictated by the presenter, while also allowing the underlying XBRL tags to be processed automatically by consuming applications.

The second stage of validation checks the document for conformance with the validation and consistency rules laid down in the XBRL v2.1 Specification.

These rules ensure that the submitted document is a valid XBRL v2.1 instance document, and that it conforms to the referenced taxonomies.

(For inline XBRL submissions, the underlying XBRL content will be extracted prior to performing the validation.) Using the service The XBRL validation service allows users to submit XBRL based reports (or instance documents) for testing.

Submitted accounts will be tested for conformance with the XBRL v2.1 specification, and for conformance with the appropriate UK GAAP taxonomies (and Companies House Audit Exempt taxonomies for 'raw' XBRL submissions).

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During the first stage, the document is checked to ensure that it is valid, well-formed XML, and that it conforms to the relevant XML Schemas, including the XBRL taxonomy schema for the Companies House taxonomy.

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