Family issues interracial dating

Posted by / 19-Dec-2020 19:48

My father, however, thinks that because she's Latina, she's literally lower than dirt.

He also calls her a Mexican (she's Guatemalan) and tells me not to eat too many tacos when I stay over her place.

My rather-Catholic mom just wants us to have as many kids as we possibly can. We don't get shit from strangers because we're both brown people, but we used to get crap from our families all the time.

The only racism we ever received was surprisingly directed towards me.

We both love chinese food, and went to a nearby restaurant. The manager/owner or whatever came over to our table after we ordered our food.

Also, the fact that we're both lesbians doesn't help at all, but it's whatever.

Edit: My dad doesn't make those types of jokes.

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