Find control in rowupdating event

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please help me in this problem if possible provide your code here. to modify update behavior before it happens, to provide additional handling when an update will occur, to retain a reference to an updated row, to cancel the current update and schedule it for a batch process to be processed later, and so on. w=800" src=" w=800&h=359" alt="Debugger Inside Grid View Row Updating Event" width="800" height="359" class="size-full wp-image-328" srcset=" w=230" src=" w=800" alt="Grid View on Browser" class="size-full wp-image-335" srcset=", w=416" src=" w=800" alt="Grid View Cell Showing Updated Value" class="size-full wp-image-331" srcset=", we move our mouse on to the variables, which hold the cell values, we can see the old value instead of new updated value (Refer the debugging Screen Shot at the Top). Fill(data Set, "This Table") Private Shared Sub Fill Error(sender As Object, _ args As Fill Error Event Args) If args. Row Updated = new Sql Row Updated Event Handler(On Row Updated); // Set Data Adapter command properties, fill Data Set, modify Data Set. Fill Error, New Fill Error Event Handler( _ Address Of Fill Error) Dim data Set As Data Set = New Data Set adapter. ' Add a row to table using the values from the first two columns. before that i want just using Find control and casting and then retrieving all lot code. If values are same they could notify user to change the value(give new cell value).

Close() End If End Sub Private Shared Sub On Row Updated( _ sender As Object, args As Sql Row Updated Event Args) If args.

nd = "UPDATE [Symbol Maint] " _ & "SET [Old Symbol Name] = @Old Symbol Name, " _ & "[Symbol ID] = " & int Symbol ID & ", " _ & "[DLDate] = @DLDate, [Processed] = 1 " _ & "WHERE [Symbol Maint ID] = @Symbol Maint ID" Have you tried binding your datagrid inside the ! It might be that you're trying the find control in the wrong place... Is Post Back check I need to click the Edit link button.

" Because you ar re-binding the grid to its data every time you are posting back the page (i.e. I believe this is the reason why the Find Control method is not working as expected. =) here's a tip; use the debugger and set a break point to search through it yourself (you can use the command window). One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

The edited value is passed as a parameter to a function.

I just need to know what gridview event can be used to read the edited value. This would eliminate the need to define a control using CType. brdrok, I removed the templates , added a command button named 'Adjust' , and used the grid Row Command event.

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