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Franklin ma online dating service

He was appointed as the Junior Grand Warden of the Provincial Grand Lodge in Pennsylvania in the year 1732 and as the Grand Master on June 24, 1734.* In 1734, he also printed the first Masonic book in the United States.

His Mason Book was the publication of Anderson’s Constitutions.[3] Franklin was quickly elected as secretary of St.

October 11, 1754 Present at the Quarterly Communication held in Concert Hall, Boston.

June 24, 1755 Takes a prominent part in the Grand Anniversary and Dedication of Freemason’s Lodge in Philadelphia, the first Masonic building in America.

Europe, enlightened and free, owes at lest a token of remembrance and regret to one of the greatest men who have ever been engaged in the service of philosophy and liberty.

I propose that it be decreed that the National Assembly, during three days shall wear mourning for Benjamin Franklin.

June through July, 1754 Franklin attends the Albany Congress as a representative from Pennsylvania proposing a union of the colonies in defense against the French.

Serves as Deputy Grand Master of Pennsylvania until 1760.

March 21, 1756 Franklin meets George Washington while on post office business.

One source says that his joking was to: After being initiated, however, Franklin’s writing in the Gazette changed because of his Masonic influences.

Thereafter he published many positive and affirming stories in the Gazette about the craft.

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