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He was also one of the first in the industry to have the intuition to incorporate the complete production cycle within the company, from the traditional stages of semi-finished product assembly to processing, starting from unprocessed raw materials.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cierre Imbottiti, he has been working in the family business since 1980 and is now fully in charge of the sales department.

Thanks to our strong past and constantly focusing on researching new styles, we manufacture upholstered furniture and enjoy ourselves while imagining the future and reinventing new applications for antique materials.

Each Cierre product clearly expresses our philosophy.

The company, which has grown in numbers and space, now has 130 artisans e 12,000 square metres of space, yet the spirit of a workshop remains strong.

Teayn managed to explain that he was fleeing Russian fishermen and that a search-party had been dispatched to locate him.As in the best tradition, the workshop is the natural place in which craftsmanship and design come together, inextricably linking production and design.And this is where we express our creativity to its full potential.Our story is an ancient one, of the kind that intertwines lives and experiences with the pleasure of working with passion.It is a typically Italian story, linked to the artisan tradition in the field of upholstered leather furniture and fuelled by pride in creating quality products.

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To do this, we installed a 6,000-square metre photovoltaic system, which allows us to reduce emissions by 50%.

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