Gridview rowupdating was not handled

Posted by / 05-Mar-2020 09:28

Gridview rowupdating was not handled

Data Source property to the object you are the Grid View.Data Bind method to bind the Grid View to the data source.

Anyways, once you've populated your data source (or retrieved it from cache) you set the Grid View.I think if we do the same thing on page load event it work because value is set when row updating event is fired. This means that all of the data that the user provided for the row that they are updating is loaded into the ASP.When this event fired it saves the values at their view state & this view state is sent to the client. NET controls used to access the data in your C#/VB. If you do a Data Bind in the Page Load event then all of this data is lost!-Frinny @Frinavale sorry frinny for my titile i use......Actually I made a data acces layer class, buiness logic layer class & presentation layer(page). In most of the books generally direct update query is written on aspx page under sql data source using update commnad property & do updation in grid view. Now i do not want to use update command or connection string in sql data source.

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Edit: if you do a Data Bind in the Page Load event every page request all of your data will be lost It's the most common problem that people have with Grid Views that I've noticed.