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Handling bossy and intimidating people

During a recent conversation, we heard our alienating parent described as “bossy.” The person we were communicating with was being very gracious, and very reluctant to speak badly about someone she really didn’t know ….she did have to admit that our alienating parent was, well ….. This person is not our alienating parent’s ex, her children, family member, nor co-worker.

Yet, even though she had not been in contact with our alienating parent in such a personal manner, and actually had very little contact with our alienating parent at all, she came away from her interaction with our alienating parent with the distinct impression: she’s bossy.

When you feel free within, your external reality will automatically attract benevolent factors into your existence.

You will have to deal with bossy people all your life if you are willing to give away your freedom under their influence.

In order to deal with bossy people you need to overcome your fear and insecurity, and find security in your inner guidance.

The mind is fearful but your heart always knows the right path to take.

1.) Stay in Touch with Your Inner Guidance – When you are under the influence of bossy people, they can easily get you to do things that don’t feel “good” to you.

It’s not uncommon for bossy people to use threat, anger, argument and emotional pressure, to get you to do their bidding, and if you are not in touch with your own inner guidance, you will fall a victim to their pressure.

With that in mind, we thought we would offer this advice for others dealing with bossy people: 5 Tips That Will Help You Handle Bossy People Better It’s not uncommon to have people who are “pushy” or bossy in our acquaintance.It’s common to see some parents using the fear of punishment to get their children to do their bidding.If you really want to be free of the influence of a bossy person, you will have to consciously stop being taken in by “fear” created by their force.There is nothing that you “have” to or “need” to do, there are no limitations except the ones that you impose upon yourself.Life is always free and it does not impose any restrictions on your freedom.

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