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There were a handful of options available to Ken and Adele.The first option was developing sponsorships where a sponsor would pay a fee to Hurry Date to sponsor a number of events.This case study demonstrates an extensive valuation of a firm focussing on the "fast-dating" niche from the dating/entertainment industry.The founders of Hurry Date, a little, independently-held firm, are thinking about choices to fund future growth, together with a full or partial purchase of the firm. Riedl, Jessica Deckinger Publisher: Harvard Business School (XLS873-XLS-ENG) Publication: Oct 14, 2009Hurry Date was the brand leader in the worldwide phenomena known as “speed dating.” These events consisted of large groups of singles who were strangers to one another.For online conversations, participants were assigned a random person to talk with for 15 minutes.For in-person conversations, the researchers examined data from a previously published study of 110 people at a speed-dating event.Learn about discoveries and initiatives happening today on the cutting edge of modern science, glimpse at the possibilities of what the technological future holds, and hopefully leave inspired by ideas and concepts that could ignite the next great film or television project!Confirmed Speakers: Astrobiologist Betul Kacar, Harvard University Anthropologist Barbara King, William & Mary Theoretical physicist Kate Marvel, Columbia University Volcanologist Diana Roman, Carnegie Institution Chemist Sharon Sikora, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow Electrical Engineer Emmanuel Taylor, Energetics More to come!

Still, the study notes, "The tendency to focus on the self when trying to impress others is misguided." Citing numerous other reports, the authors write that "redirecting the topic of conversation to oneself, bragging, boasting or dominating the conversation, tend to decrease liking." Instead of trying to impress the other person, focus on simply learning more about them.

After each meet-up, you will indicate who you want to connect with after the event.

Before the end of the event, you will receive an email with your matches. Men are welcome to buy tickets at the door: Tortilla Republic, 616 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood on Monday October 9 at pm.

The findings, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, show that those who asked more questions during a conversation, specifically follow-up questions, were perceived as more likable, both online and in person.

Added bonus: When it comes to speed-dating, they are also more likely to score a second date.

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