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Harz dating

The silver wire specimens are fantastic and rival those from and Kongsberg, Norway.The silver sulfides of which most are sulfosalts are extraordinary and are rare mineral favorites.

Some creedite, had such a beautiful purple color with quartz-like clarity that they were originally mistaken for amethyst.Since Mexico's recorded history began, its mineral wealth has played an important role.Moctezuma tried to deter Cortez with gifts of gold and silver.If you need skis, boots, snowboards and any other equipment there a number of ski-hire stations available in all major ski resorts of the Harz.It is a little unfair to compare an entire country to the other great mineral localities; but in this case there are so many wonderful localities in Mexico that it would seem appropriate.

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The wonderful thing is the affordability of the adamites and hemimorphites which allows for beginning collectors to own these unique and exciting minerals.