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He said she said dating game

“I support him more than ever and intend to give him additional money because it looks like he needs it more than ever,” Mc Iver told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, adding he’d back Swindall even if the congressman was convicted.

(He was, on nine counts, and sentenced to a year in prison.) As the balance of political power in the state shifted to Republicans at the beginning of the 21st century, Mc Iver’s loyalty was rewarded.

Every marriage is a merging of assets and liabilities, both literal and figurative.

To their union, Diane brought a frankness that could be disarming.

Diane wasn’t home at the time, but one of her best friends, a cosmetologist named Dani Jo Carter, happened to be there.

She called Diane, who had risen through the ranks at U. Enterprises, the advertising and media company founded by Bill Corey, owner of the Corey Tower. The note was from one of Diane’s new neighbors, who wanted to welcome her to the building. Carter told Diane, “I’d change my name to Tex, too.” Tex kept pursuing her, but Diane was not interested.

The whole tragic, hubristic affair sounds like something that Tom Wolfe would dream up.

In fact, he kind of already did, except it took two novels—The Bonfire of the Vanities and A Man in Full—to anticipate the Mc Iver drama, from the fateful turn off the highway (Bonfire) to the prideful lawyer stuck in traffic outside the Piedmont Driving Club (Man in Full).

To those close to him, convinced that he loved Diane without question and could no more shoot her intentionally than sprout wings and fly out of his jail cell, Tex is a victim of reverse prejudice, a convenient scapegoat for a society riven by class and racial resentments.Carter had run into traffic—“just a parking lot,” she would tell police—on the Connector, so she exited onto Edgewood Avenue, rousing Tex from his slumber.“This is a bad idea, girls,” Carter remembers him telling them.For 12 years, until his resignation last spring, he served on the State Election Board, where he used his position to vigorously push forward a voter photo ID law, even authorizing the mailing of 300,000 letters touting the new law though it had been deemed unconstitutional.In early 2005 Governor Sonny Perdue appointed Mc Iver to the Judicial Nominating Commission, which recommends to the governor names for vacancies on court benches.

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She didn’t have high expectations, though, judging by what she chose to wear—a baseball cap and some workout clothes.

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