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Self-esteem is important because feeling good about yourself can affect your mental health and how you behave. They're realistic and find friends that like and appreciate them for who they are.People with high self-esteem usually feel more in control of their lives and know their own strengths and weaknesses.

And, as your body changes, so does your image of yourself.Knowing what makes you happy and how to meet your goals can help you feel capable, strong, and in control of your life.A positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle (such as exercising and eating right) are a great combination for building good self-esteem.A positive, optimistic attitude can help people develop strong self-esteem.For example, if you make a mistake, you might want to say, "Hey, I'm human" instead of "Wow, I'm such a loser" or not blame others when things don't go as expected.

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Identify which aspects of your appearance you can realistically change and which you can't. Remind yourself that "real people aren't perfect and perfect people aren't real (they're usually airbrushed! If there are things about yourself that you want to change and can, do this by making goals for yourself.

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