Homeless dating singles

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Homeless dating singles

“Women who are homeless tend to feel ignored or like they don’t have a voice,” Rachel Kassenbrock, PR and Policy Coordinator for the DWC, told us.

“Coming here, they feel that they matter and they’re not invisible.

The Short Version: In the heart of Los Angeles, the Downtown Women’s Center is a beacon of hope to many women facing an abusive relationship or financial disaster.

“We try to meet women wherever they’re at,” Rachel said.in a testimonial about her experiences at the Downtown Women’s Center, “and DWC is a good place to start their work and do something creative.” To foster long-term personal stability, the DWC provides many invaluable resources for women in poverty.Many of the women who end up at the Downtown Women’s Center have suffered some sort of trauma that led them to the streets.The Downtown Women’s Center endeavors to end homelessness in L. by catering to the needs of women in poverty with services that include housing solutions, skill-building workshops, and accessible health care.Over 5,000 volunteers donate their time to support the community and give women the opportunity to better their lives.

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“I want to prepare myself to go back to work, and SET to Work gives me more skills and motivates me.

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