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Researches into the racial and cultural origins of the Philippines increasingly prove that it was colonized by some people in South India.In fact, the script of the Filipinos has some obvious similarities with that of South India.Spanish clergy were very destructive of local religious practices in the Philippines.They systematically destroyed indigenous holy places and 'idols', or statues and representations of indigenous spirits, gods or goddesses.Some years ago when a legislative building was put in Manila, the capital, four figures were carved on its facade illustrating the source of the Philippine culture, one of which is Manu, the ancient Indian lawgiver.For instance: bahagi (part, portion), in Tagalog is bhag in Hindi, katha (story, fiction) - katha; diwata (god or goddess) is devata dukha (poor, destitute) is duhkha guru (teacher) is guru mukha (face) is mukha yaya (nurse) is aya and so on.In south Luzan, an idol of Padmapni Avalokiteshwar has been found.

The Philippines supplied some wealth (including gold) to Spain, and the richly laden galleons plying between the islands and New Spain were often attacked by English freebooters.

is an ancient Indian epic, but throughout the ages it has swept through Southeast Asia from Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos right through to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, where the people have adopted it and made it part of their own culture, adapting parts of the story and changing the names of the characters, though Rama, Sita and Dasaghiri remain Devi - A Goddess with Vajra in her right hand, while the left hand is in a mudra, a gesture in Hindu iconography often symbolizes the imparting of wisdom.

The sculpture is a good example of the originality of so many of the images carved by the neighboring Champa sculptors.

That culture can advance without political motives, that trade can proceed without imperialist designs, settlements can take place without colonial excesses and that literature, religion and language can be transported without xenophobia, jingoism and race complexes are amply evidenced from the history of India's contact with her neighbors...

Thus although a considerable part of central and south-eastern Asia became flourishing centers of Indian culture, they were seldom subjects to the regime of any Indian king or conquerors and hardly witnessed the horrors and havocs of any Indian military campaign.

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The words of similar origin, for objects of war, fortresses and battle songs, for designating objects of religious beliefs, for superstitions, emotions, feelings, industrial and farming activities, show us clearly that the warfare, religion, literature, industry and agriculture were at One of the most ancient and most extensively studied Sanskrit inscriptions from the Indochina peninsula is the so called 'Vo canh' text, found near to Nha Trang. Archaeological evidence suggests that the two countries had trade relations as early as the beginning of the Christian era.

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