Illegally validating microsoft

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It also features fileless infection capabilities and it’s able to deliver a variety of payloads, from ransomware, to Trojans, rootkits and backdoor Trojans.Its prevalence is also consolidated by the fact that cyber criminals don’t need advanced technical skills to use it and the fact that it's a constantly evolving threat.Usually, they are used to access freely Internet content under strict censorship.

An advanced persistent threat is deployed by cyber-criminals who have a high level of expertise and important resources to infiltrate a network.

Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection is a new technology that protects systems or networks against malicious and cyber-criminal activities using a heuristics-based detection, and less the classic signature-based methods.

This detection type is still new and delivers a high number of False Positives.

Spamming attempts become a greater problem for everybody because this is one of the main ways to deliver the most dangerous malware in the wild and additional phishing threats.

Anti-spoofing techniques are used in order to stop the DDo S (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks that affect so many websites.

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Most types of adware are not dangerous, maybe a bit annoying since they deliver pop-up ads while visiting a website, but there is another dangerous form of adware that delivers spyware, which can track down your activity and retrieve sensitive information.