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Our experience and performance history provide a reliable platform for lithium ion cell and battery designs — regardless of application needs.Eagle Picher continues to invest in the development of materials, technologies and solutions that serve the ever-changing needs of our customers." And she said she saw it on FOX -- after all, she said, it's his middle name: "Hussein." Really? Look, if I were a proud member of the GOP, I too would be horrified by the rise of the Quacks. I would like to join Nancy Pelosi's point of view, as in "Who cares? Yet, blitzed with the tsunami of fluent Moron, it begins to erode the intellectual fabric of our society, such as it is.I think we should all care, and exercise leadership by voting against and boycotting the products and services associated with the Quack Pack.Clearly this only works for an emergency case when you wanted all existing tokens to expire, for per token expiry one of the solutions above is required (such as short token expiry time or invalidating a stored key inside the token).

This would render all associated tokens invalid, as the associated user would no longer be able to be found.If you hit the main datastore to validate every authentication request, then I see less reason to use JWT instead of other established token authentication mechanisms.You've essentially made JWT stateful, instead of stateless if you go to the datastore each time. Any other application critical data in the JWT token is changed by the site admin.This seems to negate the reason for going fully token based in the first place though, as you would need to touch the database for every request.The storage size would likely be lower though, as you would only need to store tokens that were between logout & expiry time (this is a gut feeling, and is definitely dependent on context).

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News outlets of all shapes and sizes lap it up, following a simple and timeless formula: Stupid plus famous equals big bucks. -- Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on same-sex marriage, "I've made it very clear since 2009 that I believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

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