Is bristol still dating gino

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Is bristol still dating gino

we thought the opposite, "great music but lyrics are sooo rude" omg, for shame.Now that I'm older, I don't see exploitation in everthing males say, write or do.(And if they are being that, I don't give them the power to cause me to feel fear, they are the ones that need to grow up) So, I am able to get past red flag words, like "rape" and look at the context and consider the possiblity that there are alternative meanings.And that is what made Kurt's lyrics so great (and so sad that I miss out on it when he was alive) is that there are so many alternate meanings.

they were #1 at the end of 1991 and brought Grunge in to mainstream for the next four years and Alternative music in general for longer.

Rape me was not about fame, and dealing with media etc., because it was written before Cobain even became famous.

Rape Me was written before Nirvana became famous on the their first popular album 'Nevermind'.

All the crap about it having been written in reaction to paparazzi etc. Nirvana were an unknown little bar band traveling around in vans when Rape Me was written.

The real origin of Rape Me is more complicated than most know.

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I really wish I could have be open to seeing this when he was here, but his words and music is still here and in a way, its like a generous gift to those who wish to guis4e!! he writed a song backwrds an then put sum deep lyricsw bout his derpresive side n how eh haetd all taht fame! All musical opinions aside, statuatory "rape" anyone ?

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