Justification for updating clearquest feature level

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JSON formatter example Here's some arbitrary json returned from recording a Google Maps session in Firefox: Again it's unreadable.The tool I use is JSON formatter from Web Toolkit Online at like the the URL decoding example above, simply copy the text and paste it into the online tool and press Format If doing data correlation I would typically copy the output of the tool into Notepad and work with the text there This online tool also formats CSS, SQL, and XML. Splitting Strings example Sometimes I'll get a glob of text with fields separated by a comma or semi-colon and and to split the text into individual lines For these instances I found the String Functions form Online Toolz particularly it's split string function.

Web Group Web Application(Web Group Impl.java:88) at ws.webcontainer.

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It's easy to use, just paste the text to be split, the character to split on, and press the Split button Conclusion The above tools are the ones I just happened to find a while back and used them. For each of these tools you can find other sites that do the same functions.

By using these online tools almost any POST content or response data can be decoded and formatted to make it easy to read which means easy to work with when doing data correlation in RPT.

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I find them valuable and a great time saver when doing manual data correlation.