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Kate thornton dating

I don't think anyone who listens to Sorted would come away thinking it had a pro drugs message.If they did I would say they had misinterpreted it." The Daily Mirror printed his statement, but he was unhappy that the front page article written by Thornton contained the misquote "I don't want the sleeve to get in the way of what the record is saying, which is an anti-drugs message", which he felt over-simplified the song's meaning once again, he also criticised Thornton's decision to contact the father of a victim of an ecstasy-related death for a response.Thornton also presented A Night with Will Young in 2011, she guest presented six episodes of Lorraine in 2012.Thornton also presented Gravity Games for BBC Two, Women: The Naked Truth Honest for Channel 4 and Breasts Uncupped for Sky1.

Neither returned for the second series; in 2010, she narrated The Nation's Favourite Abba Song.

I think the sleeve is something that will concern our readers, although it may not concern yours." The band agreed to change the artwork, while continuing to assert that Thornton had misinterpreted the meaning of both the sleeve art and the song's lyrics.

Lead singer Jarvis Cocker released a statement two days later saying: "...'Sorted' is not a pro-drugs song...

Whilst undertaking these new editorial roles, Thornton began a second career in television.

In February 1997 Thornton was given her first TV presenting job, on the ITV current affairs programme Straight Up.

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